Goalball 4 Business

Goalball 4 Business

Dodge a meeting, block a ball.

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About the Program

Goalball 4 Business focuses on building a stronger understanding of inclusion amongst employers and employees to encourage and enhance diversity in the workplace. Unique fundamentals from the Paralympic sport are incorporated to promote solidarity, leadership and cohesion among workmates. 

Being a Paralympic year in 2020, NSW Goalball aims to educate and impact corporations statewide to build greater awareness of the low vision and blind community. Participants will learn from the best, a two-time Paralympian instructor all whilst strengthening relationships within their organisation. 

What to expect

  • Each Goalball 4 Business session is 2-hours long, for up to 30 colleagues
  • Learn about the history and evolution of Goalball and how the game is played
  • Education to further the understanding, awareness and inclusion of the disability spectrum in the workforce, primarily low vision and blindness
  • Work through adaptations and modifications that can added within the workplace to create an all-inclusive space 
  • Strengthen teamwork, communication, critical and strategic thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution through gameplay skill execution - defence, offence and orientation

For inquiries about the Goalball 4 Business program, please email info@goalball.com.au

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