Goalball 4 Schools

Goalball 4 Schools (G4S)

The world's largest participated Paralympic sport in schools!

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About G4S

Goalball 4 Schools (G4S) started in 2008 for students with vision impairments and blindness. Its focus is to build stronger pathways for equal, competitive opportunities across inter-school sport in Regional Competitions and a final State Knockout Cup in Sydney. 

NSW Goalball's G4S program: 

  • Is the largest participated Paralympic sport in all of Australia
  • Is the largest in-school program for Goalball in the world
  • has grown from only 6 schools to a showcase of 200+ schools 
  • positively impacted 9,277 students across New South Wales in 2023

Program Benefits

  • Unique reverse inclusion model
  • Awareness and improved inclusion of students with disability, primarily low vision and blindness
  • All players wear a blindfold to create equal playing field for students of all abilities
  • Acquire skills in teamwork, communication, game play and orientation
  • Increased physical activity leads to:
    • improved balance
    • coordination
    • fine and gross motor skills
  • Social skill development and opportunities for students with disabilities to build classmate friendships through sport
  • Goalball kits and resource lesson plans are available for ease and access to sustain further development within your school

Goalball is truly a game for everyone! 

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For general enquiries about the Goalball 4 Schools program contact info@goalball.com.au 




NSW Goalball has received, as a recognised State Disability Sporting Organisation, endorsement by NSW Office of Sport and Sport NSW as the peak bodies for active recreation in NSW. Goalball 4 Schools is also endorsed by NSW Department of Education through School Sport Unity and by both Assistant Principals of Vision and their Vision Support itinerant teachers who assist over 2,000 students with vision impairments and blindness across NSW.