Who We Are

Who is NSW Goalball

NSW Goalball is a Not-for-Profit State Sporting Organisation for people with Disabilities (SSOD).

We administer training, competitions and educational events for members as young as 11 to over 80 all over NSW.

We exist to conduct, encourage, promote, advance and administer the sport of Goalball throughout New South Wales for all levels of ability,


We will be the inclusive team sport of choice for all people in NSW through exceptional community, educational and Paralympic opportunities.


Attract, foster and retain participation at all levels, through diverse pathways for players, officials and supporters.

Primary Objectives

Our Athletes

Increase the talent pool for NSW, national and international competitions.

Our Sport

Increase awareness of, and community support for, the sport of Goalball in NSW.

Our Society

Drive opportunities to raise awareness of and advocate for the capabilities of people living with low vision or blindness.