Here you will find the main equipment used for Goalball. If there are other things you are looking for, please send us an email and we will see what we can find for you.

Any questions, please email us.

Ref Polo Shirts

$37.00 inc GST

Goalball Ref Polo Shirts, Please specify size when ordering and if you want it shipped to you, please contact me at

Padded shorts

$35.00 inc GST

Padded Shorts sizes available xs, small, med, large xl (if you need other sizes please contact me directly)

Foam replacement for targe and goalfix eyeshades

$12.00 inc GST

Self stick replacement for Targe or Goalflix eye shades

NSW Jersey

$38.50 inc GST

NSW Jersey and/ polo Please specify in notes which you are paying for. Please do not purchase unless you have confirmed your jersey or polo with us as we have very limited stock.

Goalball Eyeshades

$80.00 GST-free

These are either Targe or Goalfix goalball eyeshades.

Women's Chest protector

$40.00 inc GST

PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU PURCHASE TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE THESE IN STOCK! ( email or 0413268561) Thank you! Girls/Women's hard plastic chest protectors. please specify size ex...

NSW Goalball Socks

$13.50 inc GST

Socks $10 pair

Elbow Pads

$14.50 GST-free

Elbow pads are used to protect your elbows when diving on the floor. They come in Junior and Senior sizes. Please specify which size you want. May come in either black or white depending on stock.

Knee Pads

$14.50 GST-free

Knee pads are used to protect your knees while diving on the floor. Sizes come in Junior and Senior sizes, please specify size. Also may come in black, white or blue depending on stock. Also may not...